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Set up in 1988, this Division is the self-appointed, loyal and trusted friend of the farmer. It is constantly in search of ways to make agriculture sustainable and profitable especially for the small-holding farmer as well as the one who grows cotton, the riskiest crop.

With its involvement in organic and Fairtrade movements, the Division seeks equity for the farmer and at the same time reaches out to a fast-growing customer base that chooses to use its purchasing power to positively impact the hitherto disadvantaged farmer.

The Division pioneered the creation of a service-cum-business model to provide total support to farmers to enhance their productivity and income. [more]


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The Agri-Service Division will build a strong and loyal customer base for Agrocel’s Pure & Fair brand of cotton as well as for other value-added agri-products so that a long-term, trusting and tangible relationship is developed...
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Cotton Chick peas
Cotton oil Sesame
Honey Castor
Raisins Cumin
Cashew Groundnuts
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