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Agrocel Industries Ltd
Our Vision
Agrocel Agrocel Industries Limited is part of the legendary Excel Group of Companies
whose firebrand founder, Champraj C. Shroff took British India by storm in the 1940s by being the first Indian to prove that even the most complex chemicals can be produced indigenously and at much lower costs than elsewhere in the world.
This daring innovator along with his equally visionary brothers, Govindji
and Kantisen created history by adopting Mahatma Gandhi’s
Trusteeship Principles as their core business philosophy to
manufacture and market over a hundred chemical
products, most of them for
the first time in India....



The Marine Chemicals Division which took on the challenge of setting up the first-ever industry in the inaccessible salt desert area, uses its world class technical expertise to transform sea bittern into virgin Bromine as well as a wide range of value-added Bromine compounds.
The Agri-Service Division seeks to bring prosperity and equity to the small and marginal Indian farmer by involving him in organic and Fairtrade movements and taking care of output marketing with value addition for main as well as rotational crops.
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