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Agrocel is a leading Indian Minerals, Specialty Chemicals and Plant Nutrition Company. We operate with a unique, integrated business model. We extract raw materials by utilizing sophisticated processing and product formulation technologies to add value to our customers in the industrial and agricultural markets.

Leaders in India’s bromine-based marine chemical industry and fourth largest bromine manufacturer in the world, our corporate identity bears testimony to the team’s determination, commitment, and perseverance. The driving philosophy behind all our actions has been to strictly adhere to codes of corporate responsibility, ensuring welfare of the communities that we live in, and generating wealth that benefits our stakeholders.


ESG Driven

Good work done well!

Agrocel is an inspired result of its Founder's wish to uplift the lives and enhance the livelihoods of the people of Kachchh.

This wish to “put humanity first” quite naturally evolved to become the company’s very DNA as the group strode ahead.

Much before governments took an aggressive stance towards responsible action and the corporate world christened it ‘ESG’, Agrocel was already in the loop of doing good work right, and then making it better.


Leaders within the bromine-based marine chemical industry of India

Agrocel’s resources of bromine and potash are amongst the world’s most sustainable, renewable, and self-replenishing. We are the only company globally that manufactures Bromine in two locations with two different processes, lending us a competitive edge.

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Our corporate identity bears testimony

Our corporate identity bears testimony to the team’s determination, commitment and perseverance that has allowed us to build strength using untapped resources in seemingly impossible locations. The driving philosophy behind all our actions has been to remain a responsible company ensuring welfare of the society while benefiting the shareholders.

01. Our Mission

Our mission is to evolve our business by further exploring the potential of sea bittern and to become a reliable supplier complying with the best manufacturing standards.

02. Our Vision

Since the very beginning of our journey, our vision has been to produce healthy returns, satisfy our customers, deliver sustained excellence and most pivotal of all, do our part for society.

03. Our Value

Values are the set of principles and beliefs that guide and drive actions and decisions in different context. In organizational context, these are the principles that drive our business decisions and culture.

Our History

Our story dates back to 1968 with an aim to turn the desert-like region of Kachchh into a green and agri-productive oasis.

Agrocel Pesticides Ltd. established
- 1985

Chemical Manufacturing Plant (Oxalic Acid) set up at Kandla Free Trade Zone.

Agri Service Division set up
- 1988
Marine Chemicals Division established
- 1994
Bromine Plant Capacity Expanded significantly
- 2009

New stripping plants installed at Agrocel's Dhordo Factory to maximize Bromine output

Manufacturing of specialty chemicals launches at Avania, Bhavnagar
- 2017

The division becomes a reliable supplier to pharma and other specialty chemicals industries

Solaris Chemtech acquired
- 2018


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