Agriculture Input Business

Our agriculture business was born out of the desire to bring genuine crop protection and nutrition solutions directly to the farmers. Set up in 1988, this division was a self-appointed, loyal and trusted friend of the farmer. With its involvement in organic and fair-trade movements, we seek equity for the farmers and at the same time reach out to a fast-growing customer base that chooses to use its purchasing power to impact the hitherto disadvantaged farmer positively. We have the organic and fair-trade groups of farmers ready with us.

Market dynamics in these specialized output markets are the real challenge to the farmers as there is no assurance from the purchasers of the procurement volumes and price premiums. Going forward, we intend to continue growing this vertical in tandem with the evolution of our plant nutrition products and by outsourcing and marketing relevant promising products.

As a part of our plant nutrition vertical, we offer Mahalaabh (Potassium Schoenite, K2SO4, MgSO4, 6H20), which is a potassic fertilizer that can be very effectively applied in fields via drip and by foliar sprays.

Mahalaabh is made using natural processes and is a high-performance fertilizer containing a salt of potash with magnesium and Sulphur. It plays a vital role in rapid and healthy growth for the crops resulting in quality produce and high yield.

In 2020, we also launched specially designed Mahalaabh Granules for soil application by broadcasting. The results of it in paddy are remarkable and will benefit several other crops as well.

With our focused approach and field demonstrations in various Crops and Horticulture, we exhibited the benefits to farmers and developed the usage of Mahalaabh in the Indian market. Moving ahead, we are confident of cultivating the demand of this product throughout India in the next two years. As of now, Mahalaabh is being popularly consumed in fields by farmers from ten states and serviced through our network of 1300 dealers along with sales and service team.

We also manufacture cold-pressed Neem oil and Neem cake. We offer Herbovita derived from specific seaweeds with very special fermentation with state- of- art technology. We also have a very effective drip system cleaner DRIPSAFE which is completely safe for the soil and crops.

Moreover, we are also exploring varieties of tailored, specialty potassic water-soluble fertilizers under our brand. We aim to offer an extensive portfolio of supporting input products to the farmers and are looking forward to developing our hold in South East Asia, China and Africa.

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