To create shareholder and societal value by turning adversity into prosperity.

Our mission is to further evolve our business by exploring the potential of sea bittern and derive chemicals such as potassium and magnesium salts. These extracts can be used in India’s vast agricultural sector. The business aim is to become a reliable supplier of pharma and agrochemical intermediates and have manufacturing facilities that will comply with the best manufacturing standards. Going forward, we aim to manufacture bromine-based flame retardants.

Our agriculture business aims to build a strong and loyal customer base for our value-added agriculture and nutrition products. This will develop a long-term, trusting and tangible relationship with the farmer. The division will also intensify its activities related to the cultivation and marketing of organic and fair-trade food items, thereby supporting sustainable livelihoods of many more small and marginalised farmers.


To help humanity thrive by enabling everyone to work together effortlessly.

We shall continue to honour our core value of “service before business” and pursue only those business ventures that add value to the communities in which we are located.

To this end, we shall strengthen our initiatives of forward integration and value-addition and, at the same time, create strong local and global linkages.

Our socially responsible and highly functional business practices, adding value through forward integration, shall set positive precedents of “Service before business” in the domains of agricultural solutions and chemicals manufacturing.


Value-addition initiatives

Values are the set of principles and beliefs that guide and drive actions and decisionsin different context.In organizational context, these are the principles that drive our business decisions and culture.These are the invisible threads that bind the teams together to align with business goals.The values often inherited from our ancestors and refined through our experiences may carry different meanings and induce very different actions for each individual.