India’s largest standalone manufacturer of bromine and bromine chemicals

2018 was the year in which we took a valiant step in acquiring Solaris Chemtech Industries Limited. At Agrocel, we are and always will be bottom-line focused and take on new accretive opportunities. In one stroke of a pen, Agrocel has elevated itself to the fourth-largest bromine producing company in the world. The synergies of combined operations will further drive productivity, process improvements, land yields and benefits from economies of scale in terms of input costs and people productivity.

Solaris Chemtech Industries Limited (SCIL), previously a part of the Avantha Group, is India's largest manufacturer of bromine and bromine chemicals. SCIL is a signatory to the 'Responsible Care' movement, and is committed to all its spheres of activities.

Having access to one of the world’s most and sustainable sources of bromine and potassic fertiliser, the combined operations of Agrocel and Solaris now undertakes its harvesting and processing operations using around 94,000 acres of land in total.